Elder Law

We  have a team of experienced lawyers who can assist and advise you on all areas of Elder Law, whether it is preparing new enduring powers of attorney, considering how you would like your assets dealt with after your death or buying into a retirement village.

Buying Into a Retirement Village

Buying into a retirement village is different to buying a house. Villages vary considerably in their accommodation, legal and financial structures, and management. Depending on the village, you may be purchasing a licence to occupy a certain apartment or an actual apartment, but will be required to re-sell it back to the village on your death.

We are experienced in helping people buying into villages ensuring they understand the advantages and pitfalls which may come with that decision.


Reverse Equity Mortgages

Taking out a reverse equity mortgage is a way of accessing money tied up in your home, without actually selling it. You can borrow money using your home as security that the loan will be repaid. The loan will be repaid when you pass away and repayments aren’t required before that time.

We are able to assist you with this important decision.



Establishing a Family Trust can be a useful way of structuring your property affairs. Click here for more detailed information on Family Trusts.